Please upload: aspell-sv-0.50.2-2

Dr. Volker Zell
Wed Jan 10 17:13:00 GMT 2007

>>>>> Eric Blake writes:

    > According to Stefan Björnelund on 1/9/2007 3:46 PM:
    >> In-Reply-To: <8264bgirpz.fsf AT>
    >                               ^^^^
    > The above wasn't an email address, but be sure to

    >> --text follows this line--
    >> Hi
    >> Please upload at your earliest convinience.

    > Still not quite right.  The upstream package is labeled
    > aspell-sv-0.50-2.tar.gz, but you are claiming it is 0.50.2-2.  And in
    > /usr/share/doc/, your directory only needs to be named aspell-sv-0.50 (or
    > aspell-sv-0.50.2, if you grabbed the wrong upstream version), not
    > aspell-sv-0.50-2.  In other words, the cygwin release level does not
    > figure into the upstream documentation directory name.

Stefan modeled his package after the aspell-en dictionary package (G-B-S
It seems that aspell dictionaries use the following release numbers:

aspell-<language>-a.b.c-d where d looks like a cygwin release number
but in fact belongs to the official release number

The contributor for aspell-en decided a long time ago to use the
following numbering for the cygwin documentation:


I used the same for my packages aspell-de and aspell-pl (but with /usr/share/doc/prefix)

Maybe we can switch all of the aspell dictionaries packages to a new
agreed on standard. I also vote for using the cygport approach.


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