CMake 2.4.6-1 ready

Bill Hoffman
Fri Jan 12 15:55:00 GMT 2007

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Sure?  There are three versions on the server, 2.0.6-1, 2.2.3-2, 2.4.3-1.
> There's no 2.2.3-1.  
I forgot about 2.2.3-2, that should be the previous version.  I switched
email clients and lost the template I used to keep track of that stuff

> There's also the setup.hint file which mentiones a dependency to
> libncurses7.  None of the cmake binaries is linked against libncurses,
> so the dependency looks redundant.
This is a problem!   I built it on a new machine and it did not have
curses!  Good catch, thank you.  I have a question.  I rebuilt with
ncurses installed.  If I run cygcheck on ccmake I get this:
$ cygcheck.exe ./ccmake.exe

But, if I look at the packages I installed, I don't see a libncurses8.
So, should the dependency remain libncurses7?



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