CMake 2.4.6-1 ready

Bill Hoffman
Fri Jan 12 16:32:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent wrote:
> No, that would be quite wrong.  cygncurses-8.dll is provided by the
> libncurses8 package.  If that's what the binary is linked against,
> that's what you specify.
> Normally, when you have multiple ABI versions of a library, as is the
> case here with libncurses{5,6,7,8}, you only have one libncurses-devel,
> which contains headers and import libraries for the most recent
> version.  In other words, the {5,6,7} versions only exist to support
> binaries compiled at some point in the past, but anything you compile
> today will use libncurses8.  Now, the fact that you don't have
> libncurses8 installed on your system seems to be a problem, but maybe
> you just don't have any packages that need it installed yet.  Without it
> I don't see how the ccmake you just built could even run.  But that's a
> secondary issue.  The main point I'm trying to make is that you compiled
> the app against a libncurses-devel that corresponds to the 8 version,
> which means the package required at runtime must match, and so must the
> setup.hint.
I have 8 installed, my mistake again...   I looked at the wrong view in 
cygwin setup....
Thanks for the explanation.

Anyway it should be ready now, unless I messed something else up.  :-)

Here are the files:


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