Problems with cygport 2.8-1?

Chris Sutcliffe
Fri Jan 19 14:42:00 GMT 2007

Hey All,

I'm trying to package astyle 1.20 and I've run in to a snag.  When
executing cygport I get:

$ cygport astyle-1.20-1.cygport all
>>> Preparing astyle-1.20-1
*** Info: gnupg must be installed in order to check signatures.
>>> Unpacking source astyle_1.20_linux.tar.gz
>>> Preparing working source directory
*** ERROR: patch astyle-1.20-1.cygwin.patch will not apply

I did the normal diff -urN to create the patch.  Out of interest, I
tried the astyle-1.19-1 files which I used to create the 1.19-1
package using cyport 2.7 with cygport 2.8 and I got the same error.

Do I need to produce the patch in a different format, or is this a bug in 2.8?



Chris Sutcliffe

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