Problems with cygport 2.8-1?

Christian Franke
Fri Jan 19 15:56:00 GMT 2007

> So I'm guessing there is something wrong with cygport 2.8.

Could reproduce this problem.

I don't think cygport 0.2.8-1 prep command works with any patch, because
it uses a now unset variable for the file name.

Here is a fix for apply_patch():
- if patch -N -s --dry-run -p${patchlevel} -i ${patchfile} &> /dev/null
+ if patch -N -s --dry-run -p${patchlevel} -i ${patchfile_path} &>
- patch -N -p${patchlevel} -i ${patchfile} || error "patch
${patchfile_name} failed"
+ patch -N -p${patchlevel} -i ${patchfile_path} || error "patch
${patchfile_name} failed"

See also related regression from 0.2.7-1:

Cygport maintainers: Please test cygport releases not only with cygport
itself ;-)


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