CVS setup.exe crashes on Windows 2003 Server x64

Thrall, Bryan
Mon Jan 22 19:00:00 GMT 2007

Max Bowsher wrote on Saturday, January 13, 2007 11:30 AM:
> Thrall, Bryan wrote:
>> ... And in fact, disabling DEP for setup.exe fixes the problem. So,
>> it looks like setup.exe is trying to execute some memory that Windows
>> thinks it shouldn't be (the invalid this pointer, probably, but why
>> then is it invalid at that point and valid after the segfault?).
> Setup.exe does contain some self-modifying code.  It is in the file
> autoload.c, and deals with automatic loading of certain DLLs not
>  present on all Windows versions.
> Glancing at it, it looks very 32-bit specific. It seems fairly
> miraculous that it works at all on LP64, actually, considering it
> casts pointers to int.
> Max.

Well, I believe Win2k3 Server x64 has a 32-bit compatibility mode that
it is using to run setup.exe. Self-modifying code would explain why DEP
would kill the program, but does that explain why CVS setup.exe is
getting killed but 2.510.2.2 isn't? It looks like autoload.c hasn't been
changed since 2004...

Bryan Thrall
FlightSafety International

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