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Eric Blake
Wed Mar 7 13:17:00 GMT 2007

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Redirecting to cygwin-apps, since this is a setup.exe issue.  And sorry
for the delayed reply; this arrived back when I was on vacation, and I'm
still trying to plow through my inbox.

According to Mark Peloquin on 2/18/2007 2:47 AM:
> I recently installed cygwin with some problems.  This is the fourth
> installation of Windows where I have installed cygwin, and this has
> happened with this Windows installation twice now.  I don't think it's
> a fluke.  My guess is that it is only noticeable for new
> installations.

Only noticeable for new installations, and dependent on the order in which
setup.exe runs postinstall scripts; bash's postinstall MUST run before any
other postinstall that uses /bin/sh.  Which version of setup.exe are you

I know that older setup.exe were broken, and merely executed all scripts
in alphabetical order, so older releases of bash provided the postinstall
as so it would run first.  But I thought that setup.exe had been
changed to execute in dependency order (for example, base-files depends on
bash, so base-files' postinstall scripts should not be attempted until
after bash), so in bash-3.2.9-11 I renamed the postinstall to plain (partly because I converted to cygport, and couldn't figure out
how to make cygport keep the name

Maybe what I should do is upload a new package along the lines of
00run_me_first belonging to the admin category _PostInstallFirst
(mirroring the existing admin category of _PostInstallLast that is
normally hidden from view), and by having bash depend on that, I can
reinsert a postinstall script that will run early enough in new
installations to allow installing packages such as aalib, automake, and
base-files?  But it would really be nice to know first of all whether this
is fixed in setup.exe; and if the fix is only in a setup.exe snapshot, we
could really use a release of setup.exe.

Meanwhile, bash official patch 10 came out, so I need to upload
bash-3.2.10-12 soon anyways; maybe convincing cygport that my postinstall
really DOES need to be named is good enough to prevent this issue?

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