installation problem: no /etc/profile

Brian Dessent
Wed Mar 7 15:42:00 GMT 2007

Eric Blake wrote:

> Maybe what I should do is upload a new package along the lines of
> 00run_me_first belonging to the admin category _PostInstallFirst
> (mirroring the existing admin category of _PostInstallLast that is
> normally hidden from view), and by having bash depend on that, I can
> reinsert a postinstall script that will run early enough in new
> installations to allow installing packages such as aalib, automake, and
> base-files?  But it would really be nice to know first of all whether this
> is fixed in setup.exe; and if the fix is only in a setup.exe snapshot, we
> could really use a release of setup.exe.

The current setup.exe CVS/snapshot runs them in dependency order.  The
current release version runs them in alphabetical order.  So yes, we
need to do a release, it's been forever.  I think we've solved most of
the major things that I wanted to do before releasing.  I just have one
more setup patch waiting, a autotools modernization, but this affects
the build process only.  I'll try to get that in soon.  Also, now that
setup looks for setup_legacy.ini on 9x systems I suppose we are also
depending on doing the 9x-package-fork.

In the mean time, wouldn't it be easier to just go back to naming the
bash postinstall 00bash instead of introducing another dummy hidden


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