dirname and basename in MinGW runtime

Chris Sutcliffe ir0nh34d@gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 02:35:00 GMT 2007

> >Is there a better place in which these man pages should be installed
> >from withing Cygwin?
> I don't know where they should live but they definitely shouldn't be
> installed in /usr/man/man3/dirname.3 and /usr/man/man3/basename.3.
> Maybe adding a mingw- to the beginning of the filename would be
> sufficient.

Fair enough, I've brought this discussion to the MinGW-dvlpr list to
see if we should keep a common name (i.e. the mingw- prefix) in both
distributions.  If not, I will modify the Makefile.in such that for
Cygwin, the mingw- prefix will be added to the manpages.



Chris Sutcliffe

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