curl on cygwin: SSPI (--enable-sppi build option, I think)

Brian Dessent
Tue Mar 27 22:08:00 GMT 2007

David Knodel wrote:

>         Please ignore this if you are the wrong person to send it to;
> I'll subsequently send it to the cygwin-apps group once I'm
> subscribed, if you don't reply.
> The last person's name I saw relating to updating curl for cygwin was
> yours, so I thought it would be quickest to ask you, rather than the
> mailing list.
> The cygwin curl is perfect for my needs, with the exception of the
> lack of the SSPI support (I think this is enabled via then
> "--enable-sspi" build directive).
> This allows us to run curl to our IIS (using NTLM) web servers that do
> domain-account authentication, without having to embed passwords into
> our script that call curl (because we can use the "-u :" option).
> Is this able to be included on builds of curl for cygwin, or is there
> some significant impediment to this?

Thanks for the feedback.  I do maintain the curl packages for Cygwin,
although I do prefer to use the list (either cygwin@ or cygwin-apps@)
for all communications since others can benefit.  I've cc'd this reply
to cygwin-apps.

I will try to enable SSPI next time I build the packages.  It's been a
while, and an update is due.  I have been putting this off because
7.16.x comes with a ABI version bump (libcurl3 -> libcurl4) which causes
a bit of calisthenics to get the packaging correct, but it's not a big


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