runtime unpleasantness with setup.exe

Christoph Otto
Mon May 7 21:35:00 GMT 2007

I'm trying to make an automated cygwin install as part of another
project.  Everything works as expected, except on my boss's tablet
(running XP with all updates).  There the installer runs into a error
parsing an ini file (presumably my setup.ini) when using the stable
setup.exe (v2.510.2.2).  A screenshot of this error is at .  The only
changes I made to the setup.ini were to add some Perl packages to the
Base category so they'd be installed automatically.  I also tried to
build setup.exe from CVS, but using that exectuable gives me a runtime
error (  
Again, everything (both normal and CVS setup.exe) works fine on the
other two machines I have for testing.  The only failures happen on my
boss's tablet.  Logs from the install with the stable setup.exe are in
the same directory.


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