runtime unpleasantness with setup.exe

Christoph Otto
Mon May 7 22:39:00 GMT 2007

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Christoph Otto wrote:
>> I'm trying to make an automated cygwin install as part of another
>> project.  Everything works as expected, except on my boss's tablet
>> (running XP with all updates).  There the installer runs into a error
>> parsing an ini file (presumably my setup.ini) when using the stable
>> setup.exe (v2.510.2.2).  A screenshot of this error is at
>> .  The only
>> changes I made to the setup.ini were to add some Perl packages to the
>> Base category so they'd be installed automatically.  I also tried to
>> build setup.exe from CVS, but using that exectuable gives me a
>> runtime error
>> ( 
>> Again, everything (both normal and CVS setup.exe) works fine on the
>> other two machines I have for testing.  The only failures happen on
>> my boss's tablet.  Logs from the install with the stable setup.exe
>> are in the same directory.
> I think we're going to need more detail to be able to tell you
> anything useful.  For example, a link to the edited setup.ini that
> won't parse, or the exact configure/make commands you used to build.  
> Brian

OK.  The configure/make commands were the ones recommended in the
readme: .  I've also uploaded 
the setup.ini (  The only

changes from the default are on lines 9291, 9353 and 9371.


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