runtime unpleasantness with setup.exe [please try 2.569]

Brian Dessent
Wed May 30 04:01:00 GMT 2007

Servaas Goossens wrote:

> Part of the unpleasantness is caused by the fact that the message box
> doesn't contain any details on why the parse error occured.
> I had the same problem a few month ago while testing my own generated
> setup.ini. I changed one line in and got a message box with
> the error message.
> This diff is based on rev. 2.42, which I used, but rev 2.44
> is similar:

I've just reworked a lot of the ini-parsing error handling code.  It
should give you a useful error message containing filename/URL, line
number, and reason now.  Also, as a side effect the progress meter works
during the parsing step, and I've added some code to be more robust with
falling back to setup.ini if the setup.bz2 download fails or the file
was truncated/corrupt.

If you were having any issues along the lines of crashes/uninformative
errors related to parsing, please test 2.569.  Thank you.


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