[GTG] Re: [ITP] lzma 4.43 -- Compression program using high 7z compress algorithm

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu Nov 8 18:03:00 GMT 2007

"Dr. Volker Zell" wrote:
> >>>>> Jari Aalto writes:
>     > Included in Debian stable
>     >   http://packages.debian.org/lzma
> Builds fine and packaging looks good. GTG

There is a problem with the man page of this package.  From the README,
it is lifted from the debian package.  However, the debian package must
be a totally different version of lzma, because it does not correspond
at all to the one shipped here:

LZMA(1)                                                          LZMA(1)

       lzma, unlzma, lzcat - LZMA compression and decompression tool

       lzma [-123456789cdefhkLqtvV] [-S suffix] [filenames ...]
       unlzma [-cfhkLqtvV] [-S suffix] [filenames ...]
       lzcat [-fhLqV] [filenames ...]

$ lzma --help

LZMA 4.43 Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Igor Pavlov  2006-06-04

Error: Incorrect command

Usage:  LZMA <e|d> inputFile outputFile [<switches>...]
  e: encode file
  d: decode file
  b: Benchmark
  -a{N}:  set compression mode - [0, 1], default: 1 (max)
  -d{N}:  set dictionary - [0,30], default: 23 (8MB)
  -fb{N}: set number of fast bytes - [5, 273], default: 128
  -mc{N}: set number of cycles for match finder
  -lc{N}: set number of literal context bits - [0, 8], default: 3
  -lp{N}: set number of literal pos bits - [0, 4], default: 0
  -pb{N}: set number of pos bits - [0, 4], default: 2
  -mf{MF_ID}: set Match Finder: [bt2, bt3, bt4, hc4], default: bt4
  -eos:   write End Of Stream marker
  -si:    read data from stdin
  -so:    write data to stdout

The man page talks about a version that has the same interface as gzip
and bzip2, however the binary that is in the package has a totally
different set of options -- it would actually be nice to have the debian
version instead of this.

Also, the manpage refers to unlzma and lzcat which are nonexistant.


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