Problem with a Script

Tughan Hafizoglu
Thu Nov 8 21:17:00 GMT 2007

Hello Everyone,


I am new to Cygwin and seeking some assistance on which would be best
solution for telnet client that I am trying to run on Cygwin shell.


Here is the case:


I have a windows 2003 server and cygwin installed. I also have another
slackware linux box that has a telnet server running on.  Now I have a
shell script I have written, as shown below, which runs fine on a
standart linux box. 


$ ( echo "root" ;

      sleep 1;

     echo "password";

      sleep 1;

     echo "df";

       sleep 1 ) | telnet 192.168.0.X

When I try running this on Cygwin shell which runs on the windows 2003
box, it opens the Microsoft Telnet Client in the prompt and immediately
drops to shell prompt.


What do you think the problem is caused from ?


Appreciate all's prompt replies.



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