[ITP] cygport

Lapo Luchini lapo@lapo.it
Fri Nov 23 21:03:00 GMT 2007

Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> I would like to propose my cygport package as a new package
> building/maintaining method, as well as a new package for the distribution.

Well, thanks. I used it for the latest lighhtpd package and I like it's
small .cygport file better that the g-b-s: it essentually contains all
the same "mods" but only those show instead of being dispersed in a
535-lines file.

What is your (and/or the suggested) way to "upgrade" a package to next
release? Do you have a script for that too?
(with g-b-s I usually ended up using SED on the .patch to change
directory names and try to apply it on the new sources directly,
adjusting thing when needs be, and I guess I could do something similar
using cygport too, at the worst)

Lapo Luchini
lapo@lapo.it (OpenPGP & X.509)
www.lapo.it (Jabber, ICQ, MSN)

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