[ITP] snownews-1.5.7 -- Text mode RSS/RDF newsreader

Jari Aalto (Cygwin-bug#20071129T1312) jari.aalto@cante.net
Thu Nov 29 13:14:00 GMT 2007

Included in Debian stable:


sdesc: "Text mode RSS/RDF newsreader"
ldesc: "Program is similar to similar to what lynx is for web-browsing.
Supports RSS 1.0 feeds that comply with the W3C RDF specification and
also supports Radio Userland's RSS 0.91 and 2.0 versions."
category: Web
requires: cygwin libintl8 libncurses8 libxml2 perl zlib

a) manual download

  wget        \
    http://cygwin.cante.net/snownews/snownews-1.5.7-1-src.tar.bz2 \
    http://cygwin.cante.net/snownews/snownews-1.5.7-1.tar.bz2 \

b) automated

  gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys 955A92D8

  mkdir snownews ; cd snownews
  rm -f get.sh get.sh.sig
  wget    http://cygwin.cante.net/snownews/get.sh \
          http://cygwin.cante.net/snownews/get.sh.sig &&
  gpg --verify get.sh.sig get.sh &&
  sh get.sh

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