[HEADSUP] Let's start a Cygwin 1.7 release area

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Apr 8 21:54:00 GMT 2008

On Apr  8 23:46, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr  8 14:16, Brian Dessent wrote:
> > Okay, so, several years ago setup.exe HEAD was modified to look for
> > "release" and "release_legacy" as the base dirname for packages
> > depending on whether it was running on 9x/ME or NT/2k/etc.  I understand
> Sorry, but I didn't remember that.  Why didn't you just tell us?
> How do you differ the setup.ini files if you only have different release
> subdirs?  setup_legacy.ini?
> > that having Cygwin 1.7 playground is a different concept, but why should
> > it be handled differently?  Why not "release_1.7"?  This is all
> > temporary anyway IIUC, since it's just for testing packages built with
> > 1.7, which will eventually all be moved over into just plain "release"
> > anyway, right?  If this is *not* temporary then how does it fit into the
> > idea of having a legacy 9x/ME area?
> When I came up with that a couple of days ago, I thought it might be bad
> to rename the current release area for 1.5 so that it keeps working as
> is and downloading from the 1.7 release area requires to make the
> conscience choice to use the 1.7 setup.  If we can do this with a
> release-1.7 plus a setup-1.7.ini file, than that's ok for me, too.

And, apart from the actual names used, can we get a matching setup.exe
perhaps this week?  Or the next one?


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