[ITA] fftw3

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed Apr 9 00:09:00 GMT 2008

Marco Atzeri wrote:

> are the needed setup.hint and empty package
> http://matzeri.altervista.org/cygwin/_obsolete/fftw3-dev/setup.hint
> http://matzeri.altervista.org/cygwin/_obsolete/fftw3-dev/fftw3-dev-3.1.2-2.tar.bz2

It appears that you bzipped a 0-byte .tar file.  This won't work.  You
need an actual empty tar file, otherwise setup complains with a message

Cygwin Setup
Can't open
for reading: Invalid or unsupported tar format

Arguably setup should cope with this, but it currently doesn't.  The
correct empty .tar.bz2 file should be 46 bytes, there are a number of
existing ones in _obsolete/ that you can simply copy and rename.


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