Patch for unattended setup (updated)

Brian Dessent
Thu Apr 10 00:39:00 GMT 2008

"Dr. Frank Lee" wrote:

> 'which flex' suggests that flex is installed in /usr/bin/flex. 'which
> bison' suggests /usr/bin/bison is installed.

Did you add those packages after configure was run?  If so you'll need
to re-run configure (or delete config.cache and run ./config.status
--recheck) otherwise the autoconf variables will still be setup to
specify invoking the 'missing' script in place of flex/bison.

This 'missing' script is a feature of autoconf meant to help in
situations where the generated file is in fact distributed to the user
in the tarball (i.e. it doesn't need to be remade), but the timestamps
are not correctly preserved by the user or the filesystem in use, such
that 'make' thinks it needs to be remade.  Autoconf substitutes the
'missing' script in place of developer tools that the configure script
found to be missing, in the hope that such an attempt to regenerate the
file will succeed despite the missing tool, given that a sufficiently
up-to-date generated file does exist.

But none of the above applies in this case because the generated file
really doesn't exist, it's not just a case of timestamps being


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