Patch for unattended setup (updated)

Dr. Frank Lee
Thu Apr 10 00:52:00 GMT 2008

>> 'which flex' suggests that flex is installed in /usr/bin/flex. 'which
>> bison' suggests /usr/bin/bison is installed.
> Did you add those packages after configure was run?  If so you'll need
> to re-run configure (or delete config.cache and run ./config.status
> --recheck) otherwise the autoconf variables will still be setup to
> specify invoking the 'missing' script in place of flex/bison.

Aha - bash_history suggests that I did exactly that. And re-running 
configure produces a sensible binary from the CVS. Thank you, Brian.

> This 'missing' script is a feature of autoconf meant to help in
> situations where the generated file is in fact distributed to the user
> in the tarball (i.e. it doesn't need to be remade), but the timestamps
> are not correctly preserved by the user or the filesystem in use, such
> that 'make' thinks it needs to be remade.  Autoconf substitutes the
> 'missing' script in place of developer tools that the configure script
> found to be missing, in the hope that such an attempt to regenerate the
> file will succeed despite the missing tool, given that a sufficiently
> up-to-date generated file does exist.
> But none of the above applies in this case because the generated file
> really doesn't exist, it's not just a case of timestamps being
> incorrect.

That makes sense, thanks.

I will provide an updated patch based on the current CVS with appropriate 
GNU coding style and using '-s' for the software package switch. (Unless 
there is a more appropriate suggestion?)



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