setup.exe missing mgwbz2-1.dll?

Brian Dessent
Thu Apr 10 12:41:00 GMT 2008

"Dr. Frank Lee" wrote:

> Building from CVS goes cleanly but I am unable to run the resulting
> binary from cmd.exe:
> "setup.exe - Unable to Locate Component
> This application has failed to start because mgwbz2-1.dll was not found.
> Re-installing the application may fix this"
> If I run this from cygwin itself the application runs correctly,
> loading mgwbz2-1.dll from /bin. (Verified by renaming that dll file:
> setup.exe fails to start, error code 53.)

You're right, it should have linked with the static libbz2 and zlib.  I
made a change in this area recently and didn't notice anything different
because I was using a cross compiler that doesn't have shared versions
of those libs in its sysroot.  I just committed a fix that should take
care of it.

> I was expecting a stand-alone setup.exe - was that incorrect of me? I see
> setup/bz2lib contains only a CVS directory and nothing else, if that's
> relevant.

Setup used to have a bundled libbz2, but that was before there was a
MinGW libbz2 in the distro, so now we just use that.


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