[HEADSUP] Start of Cygwin 1.7 release cycle

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Apr 15 10:07:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> I see.  So what we have in newlib is how it's defined on Linux.
> Howver, shouldn't autogen have the same problem on Linux then?
> If not, any idea why?

I suppose it's because on linux, HAVE_FOPENCOOKIE would be set and this
code would be skipped.  It was only when HAVE_FOPENCOOKIE was not
defined but HAVE_FUNOPEN was that it tried to include the typedefs.  The
HAVE_FOPENCOOKIE codepath was unusable on Cygwin because it assumed
presence of <libio.h> when fopencookie() is present, and while newlib
has fopencookie() it has no such libio.h.

I haven't looked at CVS autogen but Bruce said he was going to fix both
of these issues so hopefully this is all resolved now.


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