[HEADSUP] Let's start a Cygwin 1.7 release area

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed Apr 16 02:25:00 GMT 2008

Eric Blake wrote:

> I hate unnecessary spaces.  Can we go with "Cygwin" rather than "Cygwin
> Project", so that scripts using /proc/registry don't have to worry about
> the space?

The only reason I suggested "Cygwin Project\Cygwin" is that it's
supposed to be a two level hierarchy, company\product, matching the
current "Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin" arrangement.

However, after a quick jaunt through HKLM\Software on this machine I see
that there are a good number of programs that forego the two level
custom and just put keys under HKLM\Software\Foo.  So, with that in
mind, are there any objections to simply HK{LM,CU}\Software\Cygwin?


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