Who maintains tcltk? I have a patch for you.

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sun Apr 20 05:46:00 GMT 2008

Eric Toombs wrote:

> I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. I would
> have mailed the package's maintainers directly but the "MAINTAINERS"
> file in the source tree appeared to belong to gcc's source tree, along
> with every other piece of documentation at the top of the source
> tree--kinda weird.

The toplevel is shared between a number of projects: gcc, binutils,
gdb/insight/sim, newlib, cygwin, etc.  They are all just portions of one
large tree, although with gcc using SVN now they are physically two
trees, but in reality it's still one large logical tree.  A tarball
release for each individual project contains a subset of the whole tree,
toplevel+some number of subdirs.

The tcl dirs are part of insight, so patches should go to the insight
mailing list.

> --- tcl/win/tclWinPipe.c.old    2006-02-02 14:47:17.001000000 -0500
> +++ tcl/win/tclWinPipe.c        2008-04-20 00:28:05.625000000 -0400
> @@ -1229,7 +1229,7 @@
>      BuildCommandLine(execPath, argc, argv, &cmdLine);
>  #ifdef __CYGWIN__
> -    cygwin_internal (CW_SETUP_WINENV);
> +    cygwin_internal (CW_SYNC_WINENV);
>  #endif
>      if ((*tclWinProcs->createProcessProc)(NULL,

This has been fixed for some time already:


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