Who maintains tcltk? I have a patch for you.

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sun Apr 20 06:21:00 GMT 2008

Eric Toombs wrote:

> Well then it should probably be included with the source tree that is
> setup.exe downloads by default, unless source distributions are
> generally not expected to compile out of the box.

You're looking at an old version from 2006.  How can you possibly expect
that to contain a patch from 2007?  The source package contains the
source as it existed when the package was built, and when that package
was built in 2006 it did build correctly OOTB.  By trying to build it
against current Cygwin you remove that context, and it's not unexpected
for errors to pop up as a result.  Until they invent time travel, it
will not be possible to write code that is immune to future external

It would be very wrong for the source package to not correlate exactly
to what was used to build the binary package, as that would violate the
GPL and common sense.

Anyway, upgrade to the current gdb-6.8-2 and it will include the patch
and should build OOTB.


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