Who maintains tcltk? I have a patch for you.

Eric Toombs ewtoombs@uwaterloo.ca
Sun Apr 20 06:38:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote:
> It would be very wrong for the source package to not correlate exactly
> to what was used to build the binary package, as that would violate the
> GPL and common sense.
Oh ok. So in other words, the source is provided as a reference and not 
necessarily for building the package again.
> Anyway, upgrade to the current gdb-6.8-2 and it will include the patch
> and should build OOTB.
> Brian
You mean in the setup, I install the latest version of the gnu debugger 
and that will allow tcl to build out of the box? What does gdb have to 
do with tcl?

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