Who maintains tcltk? I have a patch for you.

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Sun Apr 20 06:55:00 GMT 2008

Eric Toombs wrote:

> Oh ok. So in other words, the source is provided as a reference and not
> necessarily for building the package again.

It is provided for building the package again in the same context that
it was originally built in.  You can't change variables like the
versions of libraries used and not expect minor differences; if you used
the version of the Cygwin library that was current in Feb 2006 at the
time the package was created it would build OOTB.

> You mean in the setup, I install the latest version of the gnu debugger
> and that will allow tcl to build out of the box? What does gdb have to
> do with tcl?

The packages are related in that the tcltk package is the specific copy
of tcl/tk that is bundled with the insight source tree, not a general
purpose "tcl/tk in its own right" -- it exists for the sole purpose of
supporting insight.  Insight is packaged with gdb, as it's really just
an enhanced version of gdb.

But I had incorrectly assumed that since these two packages are related
that with the new gdb release there would be a corresponding new tcltk
release, but I now see that is not the case and the old 20060202 version
of tcltk remains current despite insight being updated to 6.8-2.


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