1.7 packages

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Thu Apr 24 14:43:00 GMT 2008

"Yaakov (Cygwin Ports)" wrote:

> * where can a list of practical changes between 1.5 and 1.7 be found?

Probably the best list is:
<http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-apps/2008-04/msg00185.html>.  However,
things are always in flux.

> * can 1.7 be installed and/or run in parallel to 1.5, or is a separate
> box required?
> * how is 1.7 to be installed?

They can't be run in parallel (simultaneously), but they can be
installed in parallel.  1.7 reads the mount table in /etc/fstab, which
means if you keep a 1.7 tree it won't see the mounts of your normal 1.5
tree in the registry.

The current hitch is that the work in setup has not been completed to
compliment this, so it's a little hacky.  To install a 1.7 tree in
parallel to a 1.5 tree, this is the procedure:

1. Stop all 1.5 services and processes.
2. Save and then remove the 1.5 mount table, e.g. "mount -m
>/bin/mounts.bat; umount -A".  You might also need "umount -u -A" if you also have user mounts, I don't remember if -A removes both system and user.  Make sure the mount table is empty before continuing.
3. (Optional) Temporarily rename your 1.5 tree to something else just to
make sure it's not touched by setup, e.g. "ren \cygwin \cygwin-foo". 
This shouldn't be strictly necessary if you've ensured the mount table
is empty.
4. Run <http://cygwin.com/setup-1.7.exe> making sure to select a
new/different root dir for the 1.7 location.
5. (Optional) Rename your 1.5 tree back if you renamed it in 3.
6. Remove the useless registry mounts that setup-1.7 just made and
restore the 1.5 registry mounts by running the mounts.bat created in 2. 
Make sure that this batch file calls the 1.5 mount command, e.g. by
running it in the bin dir of the 1.5 tree.

At this point you should have two working trees: the 1.5 tree with its
mount table in the registry and the 1.7 tree with its mount table in
fstab.  You can verify that everything is setup correctly as running the
1.5 mount command should show the 1.5 tree as root and the 1.7 mount
command should show the 1.7 tree as root.

>From this point on you should be able to do any testing you want, as
long as you don't try to have things running from both trees at once. 
Services of course will present a bit of a problem; you'd have to either
install a second copy with a different name or always remove/reinstall
when switching, and of course they shouldn't be used simultaneously.

Once setup has been updated this procedure will be a lot simpler, but
the above should work until then.  You can continue to update the 1.5
tree by using the normal setup.  To update the 1.7 tree you will
unfortunately have to run through the above each time, as setup-1.7 will
still see the 1.5 mount table in the registry, so you have to hide it
first and restore the 1.5 one afterwards.

> * how are 1.7 packages to be uploaded and organized?

As far as I know everything works the same, except that you upload the
files under release-2/.  Everything else should be automatic.

> * for how long will maintainers be expected to maintain two sets of
> releases?

IMHO, only until 1.7 is released.  After that, the 1.5 tree will be left
to grow weeds and drift off into the mists of time.  Of course, if you
feel like releasing updates into the 1.5 tree (e.g. security patches)
I'm sure that would be fine, but I don't think there's any expectation
of service once 1.7 is finally out the door and made current.  But this
is all just MHO, others may have a different view.


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