tcp-wrappers for 1.7.0

Charles Wilson
Fri Apr 25 19:28:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr 25 13:32, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Ideas for cygwin-1.9 (not a new one):
>> (1) add functionality to cygwin2.dll
>> (2) ...miracle happens where cygwin .exe's and cygwin .dll's can 
>> simultaneously have all symbols satisfied, yet not be linked directly to 
>> DLLs other than cygwin2.dll and windows system .dlls.
>> (3) cygwin DLL controls loading dependent *cygwin* libraries at runtime.
> Wasn't there a guy on the cygwin ML a couple of weeks ago who claimed
> to have solved the problem with unresolved symbols?  There was some
> shoulder patting on the list, but nothing came out of it so far, right?

Alain Frisch -- Announce: FlexDLL, flexible DLLs under Windows

>> Step 2 reminds me of the South Park underpants gnomes' business plan.
> Didn't see this one.  Do you have a pointer to the episode?

The Plan:

The Episode "Gnomes":
(they've shown up in a few other eps, too, but this was the original)

On the original was a BLODA issue. I thought I had Windows 
Defender turned off in favor of AVG, but for some reason AVG7.5's 
Anti-spyware component got disabled, so WD got turned back on behind my 

I turned it off /again/, upgraded to AVG8.0, and AVG Anti-Spyware (and 
Avti-Virus) were happy again.

Then, I rebased again to 0x65000000 (I had earlier tried 0x63000000 in 
desperation) and then I was able to bootstrap libtool-git.


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