Problem installing setup-1.7

Charles Wilson
Sun Apr 27 19:10:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Nevertheless, take the scripts carefully for now.  I have a nagging
> feeling that my approach to fetch the old mount points from the registry
> is not exactly foolproof.  Something about the rootdir...

Well, if you follow Brian instructions here:

Then when you run setup-1.7.exe you don't /have/ any mounts in the 
registry -- so all you'll get in /etc/fstab are the basic default 
mounts. [*] Later, when setup-1.7.exe is updated -- so that we don't 
have to remove all the 1.5 mount info from the registry before running 
setup-1.7.exe -- it'll work better on that initial install, but only for 
system mounts -> /etc/fstab.  It doesn't attemp to replicate user mounts 
(for all users? current user? some selected group of 'cygwin' users? 
Yech!) into /etc/fstab.d/.  That's ok, IMO, but when we release 1.7, 
end-users need to know about that update quirk.


[*] 'course, does more than just manipulate 
mounts and /etc/fstab

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