Putting my packages up for adoption

Max Bowsher maxb1@ukf.net
Wed Apr 30 22:46:00 GMT 2008

Warren Young wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>>  * doxygen
> I'm interested, contingent on seeing what it takes to build it.

It's a most bizarre and quirky buildsystem that I've never seen any
other package use.

>>  * expat
> I can do this one, but I'm concerned because expat.sf.net isn't
> responding right now.  Did expat die again while I wasn't looking?

I guess that's just SourceForge sucking. Worthy of note here is that
you've got an ABI transition to deal with going from 1.95.x to 2.x, i.e.
libexpat0 to libexpat1. (Assuming I remember rightly from when I dabbled
with this).

>>  * sqlite3
> I know very little about using SQLite directly, so I may not be the
> right person to take it.  I've been using it indirectly recently, so I
> have test DBs I can play with.  I'll take a look at it in case no one
> better is found.
> Please email me the package build scripts, and brief instructions on
> their use.  I maintain the ctags package, but do so with hand-rolled
> tools due to weirdnesses of its build system.  So, I know how to build
> Cygwin packages, but I don't know how to build _your_ packages. :)

All my packages are generic-build-script based.

I *think* that the base g-b-s version for each should be as follows:
apache2, apr1, aprutil1, subversion: CVS r1.47
others: CVS r1.38


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