setup.ini "depends:"

Brian Dessent
Sat Aug 2 19:19:00 GMT 2008

"Larson, Aaron" wrote:

> The attached setup.ini file describes three packages, A, B, and C,
> where A and B have a "1.1.1" and "2.2.2" versions.  I want version
> 1.1.1 of A to require 1.1.1 of B and similarly for A&B versions
> 2.2.2.  I'm expecting that when I select version 1.1.1 of A, setup
> will change B's version to 1.1.1, but I don't get that behavior.  In
> fact, I can see no effect of my "depends:" entries at all.  I've tried
> both our own minimally modified (changed the address of the
> mirrors.lst) and also a pristine copy of setup.exe version 2.573.2.2.
> The log file does not show any syntax errors or warnings.

Not possible.  Setup just doesn't support this.  If you want this kind
of dependency you have to make the version number part of the package
name, i.e.

@ a-1.1.1
sdesc: "A"
requires: b-1.1.1

@ a-1.1.1
sdesc: "second version of A"
requires: b-2.2.2

While the documentation you linked does mention "depends:" and it may
even be in the ini parser grammar, it was never fully implemented AFAIK,
so I recommend not using it.


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