setup.ini "depends:"

Reini Urban
Sun Aug 3 07:42:00 GMT 2008

Larson, Aaron (SWCOE) schrieb:
> BD> While the documentation you linked does mention "depends:" and it
> BD> may even be in the ini parser grammar, it was never fully
> BD> implemented AFAIK, so I recommend not using it.
> Is it desirable to have such capability added?  If so, can you give me
> a hint as to the level of difficulty in adding it?  Small, medium,
> large, laughter?  I'm not at all familiar with the Cygwin code, but I
> am proficient with c++.

The parsing code is already there. It just has to be finished and used.

> Would it be possible to have "Not Implemented" added to the
> documentation for depends?  I would submit a patch, but ...
> And thanks for your very prompt reply.

cvs -d co setup
and there you go.
Reini Urban

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