[RFC] 1.7 Packaging: Documentation

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) yselkowitz@users.sourceforge.net
Fri Aug 15 07:44:00 GMT 2008

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A few ideas about package documentation for 1.7:

1) Info pages

Per a recent discussion on the main list, GNU info 'dir' will be managed
solely by _update-info-dir.  Packagers should no longer use postinstall
scripts for this purpose; the next version of cygport will have the
appropriate changes.

2) which docs to package

There has been an unofficial list of "standard" docs which are installed
into the docdir.  I think that among these, ABOUT-NLS and INSTALL should
be removed from the default list, as they generally serve no purpose for
a binary package.

As for license files, do we really need to install hundreds of copies of
the same license?  IANAL, so does a symlink to the copy in base-files
suffice, or is the mere presence of the latter enough?

3) where to install docs

Could we remove the versioning from the docdir and Cygwin README, IOW:


Since only one version of foo can be installed at a time, this shouldn't
cause any difficulties, and would in fact alleviate several:

a) This is generally the default, and changing this for
non-autotool-based packages often requires a patch or an extra step in

b) This means that the docdir isn't moving with every version bump,
which currently makes it a chore when e.g. bookmarking HTML docs for
viewing in your favorite browser (either Win32 or Cygwin).

c) Several programs, e.g. IDEs, include documentation browsers, but they
need to be told where to find the docs; hence a version bump currently
requires changing the settings of that program.

d) In at least one case (KDevelop), these external docdirs are
*hard-coded* into the program with a configure switch!

4) setup.hint

cgf confirmed recently that ldesc: is still unused.  Do we seriously
intend to ever use it, or should we forget it?

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