New Setup for Cygwin 1.7 on

Charles Wilson
Fri Aug 15 21:01:00 GMT 2008

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> I just uploaded a(nother) new setup-1.7.exe to install Cygwin 1.7.
> You can find it here: 
> The version number is 2.606.
> The SHA1 checksum is 2df4b76fbff6a1279aecdac342de67d291175560

So, I used this new setup to *update* my existing side-by-side
cygwin-1.7 installation, which was originally created using an older
(setup-2.588) version of setup-1.7.


1) warning message:

Unable to extract /etc/alternatives/.keep-alternatives -- the file is in
use. Please stop all cygwin processes and select "Retry",, or select
"Continue" to go on anyway (you will need to reboot).

Odd. I already *did* stop all cygwin processes -- and besides, what
could possibly be uses .keep-alternatives?

Anyway, I selected Continue.

No good -- now it's stuck -- on /etc/alternatives/.keep-alternatives  --
using about 50% CPU, forever.

Repeats over and over:

Installing file cygfile:///etc/alternatives/.keep-alternatives
2008/08/15 16:31:32 io_stream_cygfile:
fopen(/etc/alternatives/.keep-alternatives) failed 13 Permission denied
2008/08/15 16:31:32 Failed to open
cygfile:///etc/alternatives/.keep-alternatives for writing.
2008/08/15 16:31:32 io_stream_cygfile:
fopen(/etc/alternatives/ failed 13 Permission denied
2008/08/15 16:31:32 Failed to open
cygfile:///etc/alternatives/ for writing.
2008/08/15 16:31:32 Unable to install file

Here's the wierd part: -- there is no .keep-alternatives file in

(I canceled, but now my 1.7 installation is completely scrogged, since
setup-1.7 DID manage to download everything it needed, uninstall the
to-be-upgraded items, and then hang while unpacking one of them.

So, no bash, no cygwin1.dll...

2) So, I re-ran setup-1.7, this time "from local directory" so I could
make sure all the stuff that got downloaded the last time actually would
get installed.  No joy -- hung at the same place.

A little more investigating shows that:

1) /var, /tmp, /etc, and /home have very odd security settings
Administrators have Read&Excecute,Read,List,Write
Administrator has no access
Users have no access
SYSTEM has Read&Execute,Read,List,Write

OTOH, /etc/alternatives has similar settings, except it DOES have
entries for CREATOR OWNER and CREATOR GROUP -- which provide no access.

2) /bin, /lib, all inherit their security settings from the parent
directory C:\cygwin-1.7

I think the problem here is that I had to jump through some hoops with
regards to permissions *pre-installation* back when I originally
installed cygwin-1.7 (see

I tried adding explicit 'Full Control' to /etc for 'Administrator' but
that didn't help either.

I think I'm fubared.  This is SO messed up.

Vista + UAC + cygwin seems a bit...flaky.


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