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Corinna Vinschen
Tue Aug 19 16:39:00 GMT 2008

On Aug 16 13:25, Dave Korn wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote on 15 August 2008 15:12:
> > Yuk!  Would it help if the base-* packages have no dependencies at all
> > and cygwin itself depends on the base-* packages?  How would that change
> > your graph (and, can you create it for the release-2 dir, please?)
>   Still not got a lot of time right now, but here's the script that makes
> dotty output.  (Don't try sending .dot files to the lists, BTW - the spam
> filter thinks they're MS Word template files!  Fortunately the extension
> isn't meaningful to graphviz anyway.)

Here's what setup tells us right now about the dependency order when
performing a pure Base install from scratch:

warning: LOG: 1 Dependency order of packages: libintl3 texinfo
_update-info-dir gawk tzcode libiconv2 coreutils terminfo libncurses8
libreadline6 bash base-cygwin base-passwd cygwin libintl8 alternatives
ash findutils sed base-files libbz2_1 bzip2 libpopt0 cygutils groff gzip
termcap libpcre0 less man cygwin-doc editrights grep ipc-utils login
rebase run tar which
How in the world can cygwin and the base-cygwin/base-passwd packages be
so far from the root in the dependency tree?  Why is libintl3 in the list
but libintl8 isn't?  Is the dependecy mechanism really reliable?

Last but not least, how do we disentangle this mess?


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