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Corinna Vinschen
Wed Aug 20 11:26:00 GMT 2008


I just uploaded yet another new setup-1.7.exe to install Cygwin 1.7.

You can find it here: 

The version number is 2.608.
The SHA1 checksum is 796fece9c911a88228134db25b23e40413c9ebbf

New features:

- Does not change the default primary group to Admins or Users, rather
  sticks to the primary group of the current user.  The problem with
  changing the primary group like this is that the later postinstall
  calls to mkpasswd -l -c and mkgroup -l -c get hopelessly confused
  and potentially create no entry for the actual primary group of the
  user running setup, and it potentially creates an incorrect gid in
  the user's passwd entry, at least if the user is a domain user.
  This is not mkpasswd/mkgroup's fault, it's just the way the -c
  options are designed and setup really screws that up.

- Enables backup and restore rights if the user's token contains them,
  as well as opens and creates all files with backup intent.  This allows
  administrative users to override too tight permissions on installed

- All default directories are now created with useful POSIX-like
  permissions.  /tmp, /usr/tmp and /var/tmp are created with 01777
  permissions, all other dirs with 0755 permissions. 
- All files and directories extracted from the distro tar archives
  are now created with POSIX permissions as stored in the archives.

  I tested this change on XP SP3 as well as on Vista x64 SP1 with
  UAC switched on and it worked fine for me.  YMMV, unfortunately...

  I tried to do the permission setting as fast as possible, but this
  might slow down the installation process somewhat.  I didn't measure,
  but I think the advantage of having real POSIX permissions from the
  start is worth the tradeoff.

Features already in 2.606:

- Reads /etc/fstab if it can find it.

- Installs 1.7 on NT and 1.5.x on 9x.

As far as NT is affected:

- Uses long path names and the Cygwin UNICODE transformation of special
  DOS characters.  This should allow to install files with special DOS
  chars (foo:bar, a<b), as well as files with names consisting of DOS
  device names (nul.exe, aux.c).

- Setup will still look for an old install by searching the 1.5.x
  registry mount points.  If you don't change to another dir in the
  "Choose Installation Directory" dialog, it will perform an upgrade
  rather than a fresh parallel install.  So, please change the root
  directory to something like, say, C:\cygwin-1.7

- Reads package DB the first time *after* the user pressed the "Next"
  button in the "Choose Installation Directory" dialog, so that setup
  doesn't use the package DB from a former installation by accident if
  the user chooses to install into a new directory.
  This only works once! 
  If you press the "Next" button in the "Choose Installation Directory"
  dialog before you changed the root directory, then press the "Back"
  button, it's too late.  In that case, press "Cancel" and restart
  I couldn't figure out how to drop the entire package DB in memory so
  that it can be re-read when the directory gets changed by the user.
  Can somebody help coding this?

- Does not write registry mount points anymore.

- Dynamically changes the layout of the "Choose Installation Directory"
  dialog so that there's no user choice for text/binmode.

Other changes:

- Silently skip empty tar packages of the 46 byte type (for instance

- New command-line option which was already present in Dave's test
  release 2.602:
  -P --packages                          Specify packages to install

Have fun,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
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