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Corinna Vinschen
Wed Aug 20 13:30:00 GMT 2008


A tiny change to 2.608 results in 2.609:

You can find it here: 

The SHA1 checksum is 5f97ae3e2f32176ef8ecc8df3ca91a99966e5401

New feature:

- The /var/log and /var/run are now created with 01777 permissions
  rather than with 755 permissions.

On Aug 20 13:27, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> New features:
> - Does not change the default primary group to Admins or Users, rather
>   sticks to the primary group of the current user.  The problem with
>   changing the primary group like this is that the later postinstall
>   calls to mkpasswd -l -c and mkgroup -l -c get hopelessly confused
>   and potentially create no entry for the actual primary group of the
>   user running setup, and it potentially creates an incorrect gid in
>   the user's passwd entry, at least if the user is a domain user.
>   This is not mkpasswd/mkgroup's fault, it's just the way the -c
>   options are designed and setup really screws that up.
> - Enables backup and restore rights if the user's token contains them,
>   as well as opens and creates all files with backup intent.  This allows
>   administrative users to override too tight permissions on installed
>   files.
> - All default directories are now created with useful POSIX-like
>   permissions.  /tmp, /usr/tmp and /var/tmp are created with 01777
>   permissions, all other dirs with 0755 permissions. 
> - All files and directories extracted from the distro tar archives
>   are now created with POSIX permissions as stored in the archives.
>   I tested this change on XP SP3 as well as on Vista x64 SP1 with
>   UAC switched on and it worked fine for me.  YMMV, unfortunately...
>   I tried to do the permission setting as fast as possible, but this
>   might slow down the installation process somewhat.  I didn't measure,
>   but I think the advantage of having real POSIX permissions from the
>   start is worth the tradeoff.
> [...]


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