setup-1.7 with -D and -L options

Ralph Hempel
Wed Aug 20 18:22:00 GMT 2008

Dave Korn wrote:

>   So my first thought was that the real issue here is that we need to add a
> "-I".  But then looking at last-action I see that it works how the
> command-line options could/should work: it has "Download" or "Install" or
> "Download,Install"; i.e. it's like checkboxes rather than radioboxes.
>   So I figure we ought to make -D and -L together work as if you had specified
> nothing at all.

I guess if we take a step back and figure out what the goal is, then we
can figure out how to get there. If I understand correctly

1. last-action should be consulted only if _neither_ -D nor -L are given
2. if -D is given, then download to local directory only
3. if -L is given, then install from local directory only
4. if both -D and -L are given, download and install

In cases 2,3,4 - set last-action based on the state of -D and -L


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