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Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 20 19:23:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I explained this in the first message of this thread.  For
> external-source, upset only knows about files that would show up in
> setup.ini:
>   % grep libtool-1.5.25a-1-src setup.ini
>   %

Now I get what is different about libtool, and every other "library"
package I've ever managed through multiple releases.

Usually, the "old" lib*N/ directories contain exactly one binary file,
and a copy-and-renamed-version of the appropriate -src package.  the
"current" lib*N directory contains some number x binary packages. The
top-level directory contains the same number x -src packages. If x > 3,
that's ok: because the 4,5,6... versions of the "old" lib*N package
don't show up in setup.ini either -- so it doesn't matter that their
corresponding -src packages don't show up in that file.

However, in the case of libtool, I (was) trying to keep both libltdl3/
and libltdl7/ "active".  Which means libltdl3/ might have 2 or 3 entries
-- all of which appear in setup.ini.  AND libltdl7 might have 2 or 3
entries which all appear in setup.ini.  But that means I'd need 4 or 6
version of the libtool*-src package in setup.ini.  Bang, you're dead.

Well, it's water under the bridge now: I'm pretty happy with
libtool-2.2.x.  I think after the upcoming 2.2.6 release I'll officially
stop supporting libtool-1.5.x, clean out the libltdl3/ directory of all
but the most recent, and then libtool will be just like any other
library-providing package.


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