New Setup for Cygwin 1.7 on

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Aug 21 15:19:00 GMT 2008

On Aug 21 11:12, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > To rephrase: I think it is a bad idea to remove dependencies from
> > _update-info-dir since so many things rely on it.
> Unless:
>   1) all of _update-info-dir's dependencies are already satisfied by the
> Base category
> or
>   2) we carefully map the dependency chains of the basic system-setup
> packages (cygwin, base-*, a few more?) and deliberately exclude them
> from getting _update-info-dir added to their dependency list.
> or
>   3) somehow add a priority scheme to postinstall scripts, so that in
> the event of a cycle, setup "starts" traversing the dependency loop at
> the package with the highest priority.
> In order of least effort to most, I'd vote #1...

Full ACK.


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