New Setup for Cygwin 1.7 on

Christopher Faylor
Fri Aug 22 02:07:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 07:42:31PM -0600, Eric Blake wrote:
>According to Corinna Vinschen on 8/21/2008 9:28 AM:
>>There's also the fact that neither bash nor texinfo have postinstall
>>scripts themselves.
>Actually, bash does.  But as of my most recent build, it only ensures
>that /dev/stdin and friends exist (hmm, I haven't validated whether
>that still works with /etc/fstab...).  In other words, now that /bin/sh
>is unpacked prior to any postinstall scripts, it no longer matters
>whether other packages' postinstalls run before or after bash, unless
>their postinstall wants to use /dev/stdin (unlikely).

...and, AFAICT, if you remove _update-info-dir's dependencies, the bash
postinstall still runs first.


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