ITP: {lzma-utils/liblzmadec-devel/liblzmadec0}-4.32.7-1

Jari Aalto
Sun Aug 24 18:13:00 GMT 2008

Charles Wilson <> writes:

> (The lzma in the cygwin distribution is derived from the LZMA SDK
> source, but its lzma.exe program has been patched to provide an
> identical command line interface to the one in the lzma-utils package,
> as the upstream LZMA SDK lzma.exe command line interface is quite
> bizarre. Confused? [***])
> provides:
>   liblzmadec
>   lzcat
>   lzcmp
>   lzdiff
>   lzegrep
>   lzfgrep
>   lzgrep
>   lzless
>   lzmadec.exe
>   lzmainfo.exe
>   lzmore
>   unlzma

It seems that Debian package 'lzma' provides all these as well.

> lzma-utils is in Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, ... although sometimes under
> the name 'lzma', even though all seem to be derived from the lzma-utils
> source code, and not directly from the LZMA SDK source code.

I have no objection of dropping Cygwin 'lzma' package if you take over
the maintenance. The SDK + Debian patches (GNU --long option interface)
is pain to maintain because the SDK uses windows style CRLF.


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