ITP: {lzma-utils/liblzmadec-devel/liblzmadec0}-4.32.7-1

Charles Wilson
Sun Aug 24 19:59:00 GMT 2008

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
> As Jari has agreed, I would just replace the existing lzma with this
> one, as this is what most distros are using, unlzma is required by
> automake, and a few packages use liblzmadec.  So if you rename this to
> lzma (just get the curr: and prev: right!), then I say GTG.



For (brief) historical interest, renamed to:
just so the original ITP files will be available for a bit longer.

New uploads:

Rewritten README (incorporate Jari's history; removed some no-longer
applicable stuff):

New .hints:
============= lzma-utils.hint ======================
sdesc: "Tools for manipulating LZMA compressed files"
ldesc: "Data compression algorithm based on Lempel Ziv compression
method. It provides high compression ratio and very fast
decompression, so it is very suitable for embedded applications. For
example, it can be used for ROM (firmware) compressing. Small memory
requirements for decompressing. Based on the lzma-utils source
code, a (friendly) fork of the original LZMA SDK."
category: Archive
requires: cygwin liblzmadec0 bash diffutils grep less

============= liblzmadec0.hint ======================
sdesc: "Decoding library for LZMA (runtime)
ldesc: "Provides decode support for LZMA-compressed files"
category: Libs
external-source: lzma
requires: cygwin

============= liblzmadec-devel.hint ======================
sdesc: "Development package for the LZMA decoder library"
ldesc: "Provides the header files and libraries needed for
compiling programs using the LZMA decoder library liblzmadec0"
category: Libs Devel
external-source: lzma
requires: cygwin liblzmadec0

Still GTG?


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