ITP: {lzma-utils/liblzmadec-devel/liblzmadec0}-4.32.7-1

Charles Wilson
Tue Aug 26 02:26:00 GMT 2008

Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:

> Why do you replace the provided manpage with your own?  Is this a
> remnant of the SDK lzma package?  

Yep. Will fix.

> Looking at the diff, I would stick
> with the provided one.
> BTW, in lzma.README, cygport version *0*.3.x, not 3.x. :-)


> Otherwise, GTG.  Just a reminder to either remove the lzma-4.4x
> packages, or set curr: and prev: on lzma/setup.hint.

My plan was to use curr: and prev:

> Could you do me a favour and release these as -2, so that they supersede
> the Ports releases as well (which I will then remove)?



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