coreutils-6.12-1 available in release-2

Eric Blake
Mon Jun 2 19:08:00 GMT 2008

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I've uploaded coreutils-6.12-1, a new upstream release, only to the
release-2 area.  In response to previous messages on this list, cp -rp
uses futimens and utimensat rather than futimesat, and id no longer
truncates group lists when given no user id (both upstream changes).

* Noteworthy changes in release 6.12 (2008-05-31) [stable]

** Bug fixes

~  chcon, runcon: --help output now includes the bug-reporting address

~  cp -p copies permissions more portably.  For example, on MacOS X 10.5,
~  "cp -p some-fifo some-file" no longer fails while trying to copy the
~  permissions from the some-fifo argument.

~  id with no options now prints the SELinux context only when invoked
~  with no USERNAME argument.

~  id and groups once again print the AFS-specific nameless group-ID (PAG).
~  Printing of such large-numbered, kernel-only (not in /etc/group) group-IDs
~  was suppressed in 6.11 due to ignorance that they are useful.

~  uniq: avoid subtle field-skipping malfunction due to isblank misuse.
~  In some locales on some systems, isblank(240) (aka &nbsp) is nonzero.
~  On such systems, uniq --skip-fields=N would fail to skip the proper
~  number of fields for some inputs.

~  tac: avoid segfault with --regex (-r) and multiple files, e.g.,
~  "echo > x; tac -r x x".  [bug present at least in textutils-1.8b, from

** Changes in behavior

~  install once again sets SELinux context, when possible
~  [it was deliberately disabled in 6.9.90]

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