cygpath 1.7 wrong

Eric Blake
Fri Jun 13 13:14:00 GMT 2008

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According to Reini Urban on 6/13/2008 7:03 AM:
| 1.5 returns in user resp. system "/cygdrive",
| but 1.7 returns "/cygdrive/"
| This is annoying.

But is it wrong?  On the other hand, what happens if the user has / as
their cygdrive; does this print //?

| 2) multibyte chars in pathnames are not printed with /bin/ls.
| bash or coreutils?

Probably coreutils, and probably because isprint() is returning false.  In
1.5.x, I hacked coreutils to print non-ASCII characters in spite of
isprint() returning false, but I think that hack disappeared in my porting
to 1.7.0.  At any rate, I think that isprint() should be fixed here rather
than hacking coreutils - if the console can display something reasonable
for characters >= 0x80, then isprint() should claim they are printable.
But some of this also depends on deciding sane semantics for unibyte vs.
multibyte character locale settings.

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