cygpath 1.7 wrong

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jun 13 17:26:00 GMT 2008

On Jun 13 18:56, Reini Urban wrote:
> For now I had the semantic limitation that the magic
>   Cygwin::mount_flags("/cygdrive")
> is required to return the volume mount settings.
> But when a user mounted it to somewhere else, say "/mnt", then
> the result for Cygwin::mount_flags("/mnt") might not be what he/she
> expected. So the TODO is to check if "/mnt" is the current volume
> mount point, and return the volume mount point flags then.
> Changed to
>     /* TODO: Check if arg is the current volume moint point if not default,
>      *       and then use CW_GET_CYGDRIVE_INFO also.
>      */
> The next perl-5.10 version (this time for cygwin 1.7) will have
> this TODO actually implemented.

How do you check for the cygdrive?  I'm wondering if this shouldn't
be the other way around, something along these lines:

  cygwin_internal (CW_GET_CYGDRIVE_INFO);
  cygdrive_prefix = user[0] ? user : system;
  len = strlen (cygdrive_prefix);
  if (!strncmp (incoming_path, cygdrive_prefix, len)
      && incoming_path[len] == '/')
    // cygdrive, we have all info
    // Do the getmntent chores


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