setup.exe command line parameters

Ralph Hempel
Tue Jun 24 12:52:00 GMT 2008

We've been discussing adding support for specifying package
names on the setup.exe command line in the main cygwin list
and it was suggested that the topic should be moved here.

The discussion centered around this patch:


And has ended up with me looking at the current state of setup.exe
and asking this question after Dave Korn's comment...

> Dave Korn wrote:

>  Well, it needs a little debugging first, but it shouldn't be tricky to
> bash into shape.

Sorry for taking so long, but here's what we have so far. The "newer"
patch referred to by Reini is against but the patch is against 2.590
which looks like it's a bout 2 point releases behind the current version
in the 1.7 tree for setup.

The current "released" version of setup is 2.573.2.2

So the question is, if I'm going to look at patching setup to accept
a list of packages on the command line, then which version should
we be merging the patches against?


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